Thursday, January 14, 2016


Here are a few more of the prints and drawings of mine that contain subliminal images (some of them going back quite a few years).  Some of the titles hint at the hidden images and some of the hidden images aren't very hidden. Remember, you can click on an image to see larger versions:

       Bonnie Ben Lomond   wood engraving

          Crocky Rocky  lithograph

       Crocky Rocky II   lithograph  

    Talking to a Brick Wall    wood engraving

Mouthparts of a Spanish Fly   wood engraving 

     Pig Headed   wood engraving

          Rhino   wood engraving 

        Stonefaced   wood engraving

Hope you had fun looking for them. Let me know if there are any you can't find.

Saturday, January 02, 2016


Happy New Year everyone!

I've been fascinated with subliminal images for decades. I enjoy looking for them in photographs contained in printed advertising. I saw a page on line today that discussed a "brain teaser" drawing in which you were to try to find images of Indian leaders, including Ghandi, in a drawing of a tree. That reminded me of drawings I did to illustrate Jason Brink's book Fly on the Wall, published by ECW press in 2008. When the drawings were submitted to the publisher there was never a response from the editor regarding the hidden images and there has never been any response (that I'm aware of) from any reader. That's a good thing, because I didn't want them to be readily noticed. I've decided to "come clean" and to reveal that there are subliminal images in some (not all) of the drawings in Fly on the Wall, as well as other drawings and prints I've done.

So, here is the "brain teaser" (there are ten leaders) that motivated me to admit my subliminal images and you can easily see which of my drawings this "teaser" reminded me of:

A few of the pen and ink drawings for Fly on the Wall that contain subliminal images are below (You can click on individuals to see a larger image). But, before you include an image of a fly among the subliminal images you find, I need to explain that the fly is the subject of each of the stories in the book and I hid that fly in some of the drawings as a teaser to keep people looking. But there were other images hidden as well. Some were related to the particular story.

Bar Fly                                   Elephant Man

Mother's Day                                '74 Nova

Soccer Mom                              The Open Casket