Sunday, November 02, 2008


One of the perks of getting to work in the studio early in the morning is the chance to see a magnificent sunrise when it happens. This morning was not only one of those chances to see a magnificent sunrise but to experience something reminiscent of the "Twilight Zone".

I usually start the morning with a look at the e-mails and this was no exception. I was sitting at the computer, reading an e-mail at 7:15 AM when I heard a rapping on the door (or maybe it was on the window, now I'm not exactly sure... the door is metal and the knocker makes a hard sound). I thought it was strange because friends don't usually show up that early without calling first and my wife usually comes right in without knocking. I turned around and walked toward the door and through the window I saw the most magnificent sunrise I think I've ever seen. I had no idea this sunrise was happening because it had been dark and there had only been a slight hint of dawn when I entered the studio. I remember thinking that whomever was knocking wanted me to see this beautiful sight. When I opened the door nobody was there, just the neighbor's cat. I went into the house, which was still dark and quiet, and tip-toed to the bedroom. The bedroom door was still closed, as I had closed it before taking a shower, and my wife appeared to still be sleeping. So I got my camera from a drawer and took a couple of pictures of the sunrise. When I went back into the studio and sat down at the computer to download the pictures, the knocking happened again. I opened the door and again... there was just the cat. I called out, "Hello! Anyone there?" but there was no response. I looked over the fence (the gate had not been unlatched) and walked to both sides of the studio and saw nobody. There wasn't a breath of wind this morning and the cat wasn't able to reach the door knocker, so those were ruled out. I went back to the computer and sat down and in a minute there was another knock. I didn't turn around this time but just said "Come in!". Nobody came in. Later, when my wife was up and we were having breakfast, I tried to see if she had somehow been the one who knocked on the studio. She swears it wasn't her. Whoever it was, real, imagined or supernatural, I'm grateful for the heads-up to see that sunrise.

NOTE: Dear reader, if you were the one who knocked this morning... thank you! And when we meet again, don't say anything about it. I want to pretend there really is a "Twilight Zone".

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Sue said...

What a lovely sky. Nature can take your breath away at times. Thank you for sharing the experience and thanks to your 'ghostly rapper'!

PS: Hubby and I went to the SWE private view and he fell in love with Mona Lizzie! A super engraving and , like much of your work, wonderfully weird. ;-) (In the nicest possible way!)