Thursday, May 03, 2012


The scam that Stan and Jon and all their buddies use is fairly easy to spot. They contact an internet seller expressing an interest in buying an item, usually a high-end item like a boat or a car (therefor Jon wants to make a "list" of the many cheap wood engravings he wants so the total figure is jacked up). Stan and Jon say they have "shipping agents" who will pick it up (but there aren't any such agents who ever show up), which puts the seller's mind at ease. Then when the seller receives a check it is way over the amount needed for the purchase. The buyer responds by saying he made a mistake, so he instructs the seller to simply deposit the check and then send the buyer a cashier's check for the overpayment. This works for the scammer if the international exchange of the fake check he sent is slower than the refund check sent to him.

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