Friday, April 29, 2016


The con-artists are back! This time in the name of Daniel Ming.  Daniel's colleagues were Debbie From NewYork, Stan From California and Jon From Norway (all of them had From as their middle names).

This is the e-mail I received from Daniel Ming:


          I hope this mail meets you well, Am mailing to place order 
with your company and will like to know if it is possible for you to 
ship orders to South America.If shipment is possible,kindly get back 
to me with your catalog or price list were i can chose the item 
needed to be shipped including Delivery address.

         Also you will be referred to my shipper who handles all my 
shipment, and once I receive the quote for the order and the shipment 
 then I will commence on the payment. Kindly get back to me if this 
is acceptable and let me know the type of card you accept or i can make 
payment with Paypal too but credit card is more preferable to me.

Looking forward to do business with you.

I find it odd, as in the other con-artists' attempts, that Daniel doesn't make any reference as to what he's shopping for. Here is my response:

Good morning Daniel,
Yes, I can ship orders to South America, or any other continent. The best method for selecting which items you would like to order would be for you to look on my website, which I’m sure you would have seen, to obtain my e-mail address. The price of each item is listed on the website in Canadian funds and payment (as the website indicates) is made in Canadian, US, British or Euros only. When I know which items you want I can tell you what the amount in one of those denominations would be, including the packaging (you said you have your own shipper so you would pay your shipper for the shipping). I’m presuming your shipper would pick up the goods from me. There is something I don’t understand though. If you have a shipper of your own, why would you need to know if I ship orders to South America?

So, first you tell me which items you want and the denomination you will be paying with and I will let you know the total, including packaging. Next, you will make the payment, through PayPal, and I will await notice that your funds are in my account, before releasing the order to your shipper. 

If that works for you, we can do business.
All the best

I'm surprised that Daniel listed PayPal and credit card as his payment options. His other colleagues were going to send a cheque, and of course that cheque would be for an amount above the total. Then I would be asked to cash it and send him the difference (that's the con). 

I'll have to wait and see. Stay tuned.

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