Sunday, September 30, 2012


Here's the latest from "Debbie from New York":

Dear Jim,
 Thanks for your response, i really appreciate your help and honesty.
I'll get the check prepared and have it sent out to you asap.Then i'll let you know as soon as i have it sent to you. Kindly consider the piece sold to me and pls do take it off market.
 Thanks and i'll talk to you soon,

Hmmmmmmmm?! Take it "off market"? I don't think so, Deb. Not just yet, anyway!
No need to send a response to Deb. She/he knows I'm honest and wouldn't sell it out from under her/him. But wait! I wonder if she/he will go to my website and check? Y'think? Naw! She'll/he'll be too busy buying the other works for her/his new digs in South Africa.

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