Saturday, November 03, 2012


I suppose I was too cocky and shouldn't have shared my "Debbie from New York" story with the world on my blog. Perhaps that's what gave me away. Maybe "Debbie from New York", "Stan from California" and "Jon from Norway" and the other con artists who are conning artists, are sitting around reading blogs in their spare time and they came across my blog in which I described that I was trying to con them.  Maybe that's what made them give up and stop their con before it was finished.

Even if I hadn't read about the "refund" con I think I would have smelled a rat.  Who ever heard of anyone with their "own shipper" who is supposed to come and pick up the purchase? Nobody in their right mind would send a legitimate bank draft or money order for an expensive item, made out for an amount over the price by a ridiculous figure and then ask the seller to send them a bank draft for the over-payment. Of course there won't be a shipper who ever arrives to pick up the purchase. Debbie doesn't want the drawing. Debbie wants my refund of the overpayment.

If I receive another e-mail from a "George from Toronto" or "Paulo from Brazil" (Isn't it interesting how their middle names are always "from" and their last names are a city or a country?) I'll resist the temptation to share the story and I'll wait until I have their phony money order or bank draft framed and on my studio wall. Then I'll share the story with you!

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Anonymous said...

Interesting you post about this ordeal. A very similar thing happened to a friend of mine, except it was for plane tickets to come to Canada for medical treatment, and the money would come by e-transfer. Was about the same amount. Turns out the e-transfer was from someone else's compromised account.