Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I certainly didn't expect a response from my last appeal, but it arrived this morning and it looks like the Nigerian con artists are dropping their use of cheques and switching to credit cards. That doesn't give me a trophy, and leaves too many chances for them to succeed, so I'm giving up trying to con the con artists who con the artists.

Here is the response I got to that last e-mail I sent:

Hello Jim,
    emailing you my credit card details is my best option as i have explain. My bank advise me not to use Pay Pal for now due to my changing of address/location i did, they told me it need to be re-activate before i can set up a PayPal account.
    So they said i should inform you that the card need to be run through manual terminal charging machine and it will be go through and you will be able to get the payment from there. So i want you to still try and look for any of your colleague or store that will assist on this.Explain to them that i will be willing to pay any extra charge it will cost for the transaction...If not please kindly go ahead and cancel the order.

...and following that, my bye-bye to Lesley:

There doesn't seem to be a way I can arrange that Lesley, so I guess our business is cancelled.
It's been a slice.

A very sad moment. But maybe I've kept them distracted with my "con" so they were not conning another artist (I doubt that, but it helps). 

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alice said...

I just got an email from Lesley from Denmark. I was not fooled but I had to be impressed that these guys could actually write in proper English. They never want the items shipped...they will pick them up!

I went on-line to find out about the scam and found you. Good for you for at least challenging these jerks. I always have to wonder how many people get fooled.