Tuesday, May 13, 2014


The exchange of e-mails I was having with sweet Leslie was going hot and heavy there for a few days, so, since the last time I'd heard back from "her" was last Friday, I assumed "she" had given up because I had refused to accept a credit card for payment. I was set to post a new entry announcing that another one had slipped through my fingers, when this arrived:

Good Day Jim
      I got your response and I just contact my bank on this and they advise me not to use Pay Pal for now due to my changing of address/location i did, they told me it need to be re-activate before i can set up a PayPal account.
    So they said i should inform you that the card need to be run through manual terminal charging machine and it will be go through and go will be able to get the payment from there. So i want you to still try and look for any of your colleague or store that will assist on this.Explain to them that i will be willing to pay any extra charge it will cost for the transaction... 

So, what do I do? Tell "her" that my bank has advised me not to accept "her" "Master card Detail"? 
Tell "her" that the police have already described the procedures of this Nigerian con to me years ago? 
Not if I want "her" phoney cheque on my wall. 
Somehow I'll need to talk "her" into switching from "Master card Detail" to a huge Lesley Donna From Norway overpayment cheque.

I'll stop engraving the current block for a bit and give it some thought.

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